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We've just sent you a Welcome Aboard email that contains your Poologics log-in credentials. Our mission is to help you become a master of Poologics in no time. A Poologics coach will be reaching out to connect with you and walk you through the set-up process. In the meantime, in order for us to flip the right switches and press the right buttons for you on the backend, we need to understand you and your team a little better. You signed up with Poologics to regain control of your projects, your business, and your life, by putting "time" back in to your pocket. To get back a lot of time, you need to invest a little bit of time. Start now with investing 4 minutes of time by answering some questions we have below. 4 minutes is equivalent to 1 set of TV commercials. It's all good, you've seen those Geico commercial 40 times already!

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