It's all about you!

Choosing a swimming pool contractor can be a daunting task for homeowners.  Most people go through several steps to truly find one they can trust with such a large project.  You might read reviews online, research various companies, ask for advice from friends or family, or talk to several different contractors to see how you feel.  After all that work, there are all the factors to take into consideration: cost of the project, quality of construction, creativity with the design, timeline of the process, integrity of the builder...

At the end of the day, it is not about choosing the contractor who will spend the least amount of money or shortest amount of time on your project.  The key is to choose a pool & spa professional with a system.  Pool & spa professionals who utilize a strong system to manage their businesses will provide the organization and dedication you need to feel completely secure in your decision.

The Organization

A system is what keeps the moving parts of a business aligned at all times, and since the pool & spa industry has so many moving parts, organization is vital to running a successful business and most importantly keeping customers happy!  An organized business system in turn will help guarantee a smooth and simple process for you as you build your swimming pool. With an all-inclusive organization system, your swimming pool contractor will be able to do the following:

  • Enhance communication - this system of scheduling and notifying will help keep both you and the entire team informed and on-track during the building process
  • Minimize mistakes - in every facet of the business from construction, to accounting, to warranty, automation will minimize, if not eliminate, mistakes that could arise with a disorganized team and process

The Dedication

It is common for a swimming pool project to be the second largest investment people make in a lifetime - the first being a home.  So wouldn't you like to take comfort in knowing your swimming pool contractor is also investing in you?  Investing in a system to grow the business proves this contractor is 'seeing the big picture,' is thinking ahead, and is building without cutting corners.  Here are a few other ways this dedication benefits you:

  • Longevity and sustainability - warranties are only good as long as the business that honors them is still in business, so choosing a forward-thinking contractor is a good way to safeguard a means for future repairs
  • Quality standards - pool and spa entrepreneurs understand both the technical and administrative sides of their business, and will do everything in the power to keep each one at the highest level of efficiency and quality

Poologics is a system that accomplishes all of this - not only for the builder but also for you.  From beginning to end, Poologics helps track appointments, manage phases of construction, monitor budgets, track warranties, etc.  As a Poologics user, your contractor is not only making a commitment to keeping their business organized but also making an investment in their work with you.  So as you make your decision, remember to look for a contractor with a built-in system like Poologics to ensure a smooth, satisfactory process!